Japanese companies are increasingly involved in domestic and international lawsuits or arbitration, part of which potentially results in large amount of damage and generates substantial impact on enterprise value. Damages are reasonably evaluated not just by legal knowledge, but also by multifaceted expertise in accounting and finance, economics, industry, etc. Equipped with these expertise, our experts have provided independent expert witnesses and reports based on requests from parties or courts.

Our experts’ case examples

  • Expert witness and consulting work in international arbitration on commercial contract matters such as disputes between; Japanese and European manufactures on joint-venture contract, Japanese car OEM and its overseas partner on distribution contract, Japanese pharmaceutical company and foreign drug development company on licensing contract, etc.
  • Expert reports on damage in securities litigation under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act including large litigation such as Livedoor, IHI, Seibu Railway cases
  • Expert consulting work in US litigation on damage resulted from Japanese manufacturer’s price fixing activities.
  • Expert witness work in intellectual properties litigation on damage due to alleged patent infringement by a consumer electronics company and misuse of trade secret by a Japanese manufacturer’s foreign competitor, and value of invention by employees of Japanese semiconductor company and optical equipment manufacturer