The shareholding structure of Japanese firms have been changing due to an increase in non-Japanese shareholders and decay of mutual ownership representing Keiretsu. On the other hand, certain tension has been imposed between shareholders and management after the implementation of corporate governance code and stewardship code for institutional investors. Objective evidence and logical framework are respected during discussion among stakeholders including shareholders, management, financial institutions, and business partners. Our experts are assisting constructive communication among stakeholders on matters including major investments, capital policy, or business strategy as follows:

  • Assisting dialogue between institutional investors and invested firms through business and financial SWOT analysis, bench marking analysis, construction of equity stories, etc.
  • Assisting making a business plan through modeling, review of business assumptions and forecasting, etc.
  • Assisting clients to respond to audit of business contract – in such cases as royalty payment audit, audit on the most favored customer clause, etc.