In case of regulatory audit or investigation, for the benefit of constructive dialogue with the regulator which is an important precondition of reasonable conclusion, it is advisable to conduct robust research and analysis to prepare a reasonable framework and objective evidence in relatively early stage. Our experts have assisted clients not just to respond to audit or investigation on matters of tax, competition law, and international trade, but also to cooperate with authorities to resolve issues of anti-competitive practices or policies. Likewise, we assist clients to conduct or respond to royalty audit and other audits related to contractual terms and support constructive dialogue based on the audit results.

  • Tax audit – We provide research and analysis, expert opinion, and related advisory services on matters such as complex transfer pricing and valuation of unlisted stock and other assets and liabilities.
  • Anti-trust investigation – We assist clients in response to a regulatory investigation on price fixing and other anti-trust matters and provide analysis on surcharge.
  • International trade & duty – We assist clients and regulators in resolving anti-dumping, duty, and other fair trade issues.
  • Royalty audit – We support clients to conduct or respond to an audit related to the compliance of licensing agreement and royalty payment.
  • Commercial contract audit – We assist clients to conduct or respond to an audit to review compliance of the most favored nation (MFN) terms and other commercial contract terms and advise on related communication or negotiation.